Make a data table and retrieve from it

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I am very new to thunkable teaching my kids to develop an app for a competition. I have been gong through so many tutorials and reading this forum but I think I didnt get any direct answers. I want to teach a simple solution for kids (10 yr old) for the problem below.

  1. User enter the type of help he needs - Example: Grocery pick up, address, zip code, Date and Time.
  2. Volunteers - able to see the list of help needed submitted by the users.

Is it easier to use LocalDb for this or should I use firebase. Firebase sems to be complicated with get data which has parsing of data.

Do you have example of saving data for user in the table and another user able to look at the data entered by all users.
Please let me know if you need any other details.

You’ll need to use a cloud-based database. So a local database won’t work because it’s only stored on that individual device.

I use Airtable but I believe Firebase would work as well.

For ease of use, I’d make two apps. One for the volunteers, and one for those in need of volunteers

App 1 - distributed to those in need

People can sign in and add a request to a list. ( stored in firebase)

People could leave FB about their volunteer experience

App 2 - distributed to volunteers

Sign in and see a bull item board of all available volunteer gigs (Retrieved from airtable and using the anycomponent blocks to create all available gigs)

In your blocks add a listener for firebase for value changes to change a gig from “available” to “taken” so two people don’t show up to the same gig. This will force the app to autoupdate those available/taken signals

@tatiang Thank you. Can we create signin with airtable or should I use firebase.

@jared Thank you. Have some questions.

  1. How do we retrieve a list of request stored in firebase from airtable.
  2. Can’t I use 1 app with 2 screens.
  3. Can I use firebase for signin and airtable to store the requests.
  1. You would choose one or the other. I use airtable for storage/retrieval because its easier IMO than when using firebase.

  2. You could definitely do 1 app with 2 screens. You could do it all on one screen if you wanted to be fancy and use dynamic content/components! That’s all up to you. I was thinking to keep it clean and basic you could use two different ones but they could also be all in one. Either way! Together makes more sense now that I’m thinking it through. I was originally thinking of something like an ‘admin’ app or admin capabilities and the utility of a secondary app for those needs.

  3. For sure! This is what I do!

Thank you very much!

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Thanks for bringing this question to the community and keep coming back!! I’m (as are plenty of others who are better than I) happy to offer my suggestions! I rely on the community and the admins for support and am always happy to return the love!