How can I store and retrieve objects from the real-time database

Hello everyone, I would like to know how can I store and retrieve objects from the real-time database as the purpose of this project is to collect the behavior of users to analyze the nutrition behavior, it is like Facebook to collect the behavior of users. So, I would like to analyze which menu they love the most and other behavior, so I need all data that users enter or click to go to database, could you please suggest how to do this, thank you very much


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What have you tried so far?


Dear Dean,
I don’t know how to do, just asking if anyone can help about this

If you haven’t searched the forums or watched tutorial videos, start there. If you have, post a link to your project or screenshots of your blocks and explain what happens when you preview your project and what you want/expect to happen.

These may be helpful:

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Thank you tatiang, as I understand this method will allow user to use another device with all info that use to enter to previous one by syncing method but I wonder if we do this method, can we do save the user data later to do customer analysis or not, do you have any idea?

this is my project in Laos language , it is profile screen which include age, sex, gender, weight, height, nationality,…

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If you want to store user data and analyze it later, you can use:

  1. Firebase
  2. Google Sheets
  3. Airtable

The difference for me – and the reason I often use Firebase – is that with Firebase, I can keep user data completely separate. With Google Sheets and Airtable, the data from multiple users is stored in the same spreadsheet. That’s not always bad but for me, I’m always a little more careful about how I code my project is I’m using Google Sheets or Airtable.

If you have multiple people who need access to the data from the developer side, it’s probably best to use Google Sheets (or Airtable) since most people are familiar with that.


Thank you Tatiang it is helpful explaination

This is how I usually my approach to saving data securely! There are other ways but I like this!
Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 3.48.51 PM

And then i may use it later like this

to which it begins creating data under user ID’s like this

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Thank you Jared, I will try this

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Hello Jared, I am still very new to building the block and my problem is when I see the blocks, I cannot identify where is the block come from which component as I only see your block but not design trees, So could you please help to clarify your component such as :

  1. How to observe which blocks are come from where and it is which type of component?
  2. Do the notes is the name of the screen ?
  3. this method use which one of these : google form ? airtable ? or use own table in app
    4.if there aer the link of video tutorial , could you please suggest

rhank you very much

Blocks are color coded. So is the component drawer. Check it out! :slight_smile:

Not sure what you’re asking here. You can name a screen anything. I tend to name them based on what they do primarily

Firebase data transferred to a local table

We have a whole series of videos working with apis and objects on YouTube

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