From where can we get the realtime DB block in new thunkable?

Hey i am trying to save my users iinformatin into realtime data base but unable to do so. can any one help me.

You can use cloud variables with Firebase. This topic has an example of how to set values in Firebase and how to get them from Firebase: How to pick data from firebase to make a profil screen without making a list.

i am actually a newbie could u ellaborate it

When the screen opens, this will display the value stored at:


When the button is clicked, this will change the value stored there to the text string “store this value”

hey this is my app link Thunkable

Hello @rohan_123 :wave:
I checked your project, and I think you don’t need to store the email and the password of a user since sign-in/sign-up blocks will save them into Firebase.