[Urgent] Need Help on Firebase/Database DB/Cloud

I wanted to make a registration form on my Thunkable app like this.

For the email address and password, I have solved it by using the SignIn Firebase. But I didn’t know how to make the others (like Full Name, Identity Card Number, Birth Date, etc.) to be saved on the RealTime Database. So once the Register Account button was clicked, all the data was saved on the Database (Realtime/SignIn Firebase). I also read some people uses AirTable.

Please help me for the blocks because I’m new to Thunkable/Inventor app, even the coding I also learn it from Youtube. I have tried following this link (Connect and Save Data to Firebase Realtime DB // Thunkable X - YouTube) but it didn’t work, I think it’s because the different functionality. I really appreciate your help/solution.


It is recommended that you use the login module, which is more secure (remember to open the hosting, you can find it in the settings)
Then use UID Store user information (for example: user name, birthday, points…)

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Tony, I think since knndrs says “signin” that he’s probably using the login module. :slight_smile:

@knndrs , @tony.ycy.program 's suggestion to store information under the UID is a good one. So (assuming cloud variables - but similar if using DB Get and Save), you’d store something like users/user_id/birthdate and user/user_id/parents_name and so on.

If you’re going to actually use this, definitely make sure you set your firebase access to only let users access their own info.

Something like this (if the top bucket is users)

“rules”: {
“users”: {
“$uid”: {
“.read”: “auth != null && auth.uid == $uid”

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