Can you help me with Firebase?

Can anyone check this information.

When you run in Thunkable Live X (last ver. 44) the project the Spinner displays the “item 2” and in text line Label (as shown)

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In the app that I am building I organized the firebase real-time database like this: request (this is the parent), userId (they can be many different), and list with the location for each user.


I want to listen to request if any userId will be added and get the userId that has been added. How can I do that with thunkable?

I am creating an app that is basically a checklist for my comic books.

I’ve got the app working to the point where it displays all of the Titles. Then I can view all of the issues, and then the actual book.

Now I want to capture whether or not the user has a particular issue. I’m thinking of using local storage rather than storing that information in my Database. I’m not sure which is the better way to go. (I’m not sure I want to make a whole log-in system for my app).

But to do this I want to capture the ID of the book and give it a value of true or false. I’m just having a hard time capturing the ID information of the book. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Just leave the Project Bucket Leave empty

In thunkable x you will see quotation marks (for example: “word”)


I have created Firebase sign in , sign up page which works fine.

Now I want to keep every users profile data separately.

Also I want users to login and submit daily timesheet for separate departments and keep that database in excel sheet.

Please guide.

Hi, All
So I want to have a user sign in to get authenticated. Then save the new users profile to firebase database. The problem is everytime i signup a new user it doesn’t add, it replaces the data. Here are the blocks i have

Hi all, I’m building my first app and I’m super stuck. I’m building an application which allows me to track my climbs on the stairmaster, but it just rewrites the information over and over again.

I need to create transactions, where each transaction has the following information:

In each “Climb”, I need the following info:

userName (can I use their email address ? I heard that firebase doesn’t allow that)
date (can this just be a time stamp?)

In the end I want to create a list of climbs that I do, which I can scroll through by date. I also want to be able to add up all the steps and all the floors into a grand total, like the Nike Running app does for your lifetime miles. But to start, I need to figure out how to get this data into the database.

Right now, I can record the totalSteps, totalFloors, totalCalories, totalTime - but it doesn’t record the user or the time, nor does it create a record for each time new information is entered, it just overwrites.

Any help would be appreciated, and then I’ll write out a full how-to when I’m done to contribute back to the group.

This is what I have so far:

Hi again folks!

I wanted to know the plausibility of using Firebase for filtering list viewer selections.

I have a spreadsheet with a list of restaurants. Each column represents a different cuisine aspect, such as " breakfast", “burgers”, “upscale”, or “Pizza”. If a restaurant falls into a certain category, I have that cell marked.

In the app, I want the list view to show all of the different cuisine aspects. When a user chooses a list item, for example, “burgers”, I want only the restaurants marked “burgers” to show up in a scrollable arrangement under the list viewer.

Could this work if I have the data in Firebase? Can thunkable do what I want it to do?

If it’s possible, I want to go and try to make it work, but I don’t want to waste a lot of time trying something that ultimately can’t work on this platform.

Thank you all so much!

I’m also looking at the example posted on by Italo. It looks very similar to what I’m looking for.

Is there any way to ensure that data has been returned (or an error generated because there is no data to get) before progressing to the next line of code inside a Count from 1 to x loop?

I thought that the ‘when Get is done’ would cope with it, but in the code that I have written I get missing data nine times out of ten even when I use a Wait block. I’m not sure if this is the best way to show the code:

My loop is normally between 7 and 9 iterations and including the Wait command I get a 75% success rate; without it I get a 5% success rate for all of the data. I can improve the success rate by extending the delay, but ideally I don’t want to build in a long wait to retrieve everything.

Any help much appreciated!

Hi There, I am new here :slight_smile: I have tried for days to get firebase rules working for higher security. I would like firebase to only allow read write if the correct user is signed in.
I’ve slightly modified the fav phrase app tutorial that I followed on youtube (Thank you to the creator - I’m sorry I can’t find the tutorial again to give proper credit). It works if I set the read-write rules to true, but I can’t get thunkable project to work if the following rules are in place: {
“rules”: {
“users”: {
“$uid”: {
“.read”: “auth != null && auth.uid == $uid”,
“.write”: “auth != null && auth.uid == $uid”
Here is a link to the thunkable project:

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated. Ive watched/read so many tutorials, and can’t get it to work. Thank you so much.

I have been using Firebase block for connecting to database. However, since my mobile app will be designed for two types of login, including anonymous login and email login. Currently, what I am doing is just change the database read and write rules to true, so it does not require auth (i.e. I treat it as anonymous login).

However, I believe that is not the proper way to deal with the login. Is there any workaround for anonymous login?


Hi! Please could you help me with this blocks? the first time I load them, everything is fine. But if I navigate to this screen more times, starts to crashing or navigating slowly.
the images weigh is 483 kb.

Can you give me some tip? or Other way to configure the blocks? Thanks you very much

Since you’re all working with Firebase I thought I’d group these questions together so you could help one another out.

Of course, it’s worth checking out the RealtimeDB and Email Sign-In documentation as a first port of call.

I also noticed that @David_Wolber has a great video about using Firebase that you might find useful:

Let us know here if you need any other help @Bonolata_Album @emilio1 @Mike_Fourway_Flasher @point @Navneet_Singhal @Bigchips @RTownsend @Almosthandy @NoviceUser @collingwoodkarate @infoim70on @Leito!

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Hi @domhnallohanlon and thanks for the note about the video.

I’ve been having some issues with firebase and sign in.

  • I want to have user names to tag posts with that instead of emails (like in video). I’d like to use a cloud variable to keep track of all user names and keep them distinct, and use real time db to map emails to user names. For some reason, the realtimedb isn’t working…I was wondering, can you have both cloud variables and realtimedb mapped to firebase?
  • is there some other way to do usernames. I know firebase gives an id back when you signin, but what I’m looking for is a user-specified username. It would be great if you could give that to the signup/signin blocks and have it part of FB users accounts. This would make my first question moot.

Thanks for asking about this stuff, I think stabilizing the cloud stuff is key

For anyone still looking for an answer, here’s my blocks to create a more detailed structure.

These blocks:

Give you this in Firebase:

Obviously the data sources are all different but that doesn’t matter, the most important part is using the forward slash to go down (or up) a level.

As well as the “Create Object” block to add several items e.g. completed and started under ‘time

I have previously used OneSignal to get a unique user ID and remove the hyphens. But creating a Firebase login makes perfect sense too!

Hope that helps someone! :laughing: :+1: