Database/Firebase, or Cloud on Thunkable

Hello, I wanna ask things that we can do on Thunkable. If we can do it, please also attach the picture/links so I can understand the blocks. I really need the solution ASAP for the competition :frowning: I really appreciate any help/solution about these problems.

  1. Does Thunkable support the Firebase Authentication by using Phone Number OTP (One-Time Password) to verify of making accounts?

  2. If my app requires users to registration by fill in the forms (such as personal details) and attach some files (such as Student ID Card in JPEG/PDF) is it possible to save the database using the Realtime DB? Or is it better to use 3rd party app (by Web Viewer) such as Google Forms, Microsoft Form, etc.?

  3. How to generate an automatic random barcode based on each user, or we need to do it manually?

Please help me guys cause it’s almost the deadline. Thunkable is very new for me and I also need to design the UI/UX. I really appreciate any kind of contribution :sob:

Yes, you can do that.


Hi @roumak-coder,
Thanks for your help. For the Media DB, I have did it successfully. But for the Realtime_DB1, it didn’t work. It gives me a Null on the Firebase. Please help me because the deadline is near :sob: