How to save data from Realtime Database to Google Spreadsheet (or other place)

Hi Thunkable community,

I am working on a stress-reducing app for a graduate research project. I want my users to track their stress levels from 0-10, stress triggers, and stress reactions daily.

I am a tech newbie, but after doing a deep-dive of Darren’s videos I figured out how to save the stress info from my Thunkable APP to the Realtime Database in Firebase.

My problem is that my data keeps over-writing itself, only the newest entry will save.

My goal is to automatically save my data from Realtime Database to a google spreadsheet so I can analyze the data with statistics.

Does anyone know how to do this? OR Does anyone recommend a better way to save data from Realtime Database to a different place?

I tried following these instructions, [One Way to Connect Firebase to Google Sheets](https://One Way to Connect Firebase to Google Sheets) …but it did not work

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First: Just to make sure you know: Right now Thunkable’s purple data source blocks (that you’d use to write anything to Google Sheets out of Thunkable) are broken. Firebase connections are fine. I’m hoping a fix is coming since a whole lot of apps are broken, but no one has yet offered a timeline. It doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re doing, but I wanted to make sure you didn’t end up trying to debug some perfectly fine code that’s broken because of a bug on Thunkable’s side that you cannot fix.

I haven’t used the method you link. Perhaps someone on the forums has and can help - otherwise, you might have better luck asking for help with that piece on a firebase forum. (Be sure to provide more details about “it did not work”.) [Aside: the source of that advice wants to sell you a commercial product that prevents you from needing that advice. That always makes me a little suspicious.]

Alternately, I’d be glad to help you figure out how to get your data not to overwrite itself in Firebase. That might be the simplest solution. :slight_smile: If you posted your data structure (screenshot from Firebase) and the blocks that are causing the overwriting, I’m guessing it’s not a hard fix. :slight_smile:


I worked in a project in which RTDB (Realtime DB) is the main database and is required to synchronize with Google sheet

I can help you with that but it all depends on the structure of your data in RTDB and how you want to show it in Google sheet.

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Hi Muneer. Thank you for the reply and for posting your blocks.

Using your blocks as a guide, I will try it on my project this weekend and let you know if I get stuck.

I really appreciate your help :pray:.

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dont move data between sources. use one or the other, anything else will decrease app performance and increase overhead consumption of resources.

why do you feel that you can’t do this from your thinkable app or do you mean that you want to build something like a web dashboard to view your info?

orr you could take the road less traveled around here and learn to work the API connector!

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Also more work to set up. :slight_smile:

The offer to help you figure out your firebase data model so that it isn’t overwriting still stands. :slight_smile:

Alternately, you could use firebase for the login and then post user logs to Google Sheets, if the data structure for that makes sense and you’re more comfortable using spreadsheet data.


Whew! It has been a journey today. Thanks for your support.

Jared: thanks for the info. I tried Cathy’s suggestion first, deleted the blocks. Attempted Muneer’s advice but could not locate the blocks and deleted the partial attempt. How is the functionality when using Realtime Database (for the login) and Airtable (for the data collection) at the same?

Hi Cathy! Suddenly my Realtime Database starting saving stress entries, but I am still suspicious of it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I was successful in getting Airtable to work and save my data. I agree that the spreadsheet format would be much better for collecting research variables.