Save Variable to Google Sheets

I am creating a Reminder’s app where the user can save Reminders, so instead of using Air table I wanted to use Google Sheets.

The Logic I want is for the Variable (Reminders - which holds the reminder text input and a timestamp) to be saved into a google sheet with the headers : Reminders (the text input) and Email (to identify which user wrote which reminder)

I am really confused, please let me know if there is a way to do this!

So I’d think about having a column with email addresses and then one or more columns with your reminder text (probably two - one for the text and one for the timestamp)?

The question is how are you going to make sure the user enters their email address (and not someone else’s)? Also, if you have a lot of users, finding the row(s) belonging to your user can be slow, so that’s a potential concern.

You certainly /can/ do it with Google Sheets, but this sounds more like a job for Firebase, which is faster, has a user sign-in function, and lets you grab just one user’s data easily.

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Thank you!

I do actually have Firebase for the Authentication part of my app (the sign-in, sign up and reset password). But one of my features is the reminders screen.

Also the timestamp I made manually was created by following a Youtube Tutorial : 9. Thunkable: Code a Timestamp Function in a Social App - YouTube

So what I ended up doing is creating a Sheet with Email and Reminder - so I can show just the reminder of the user ONLY!!

Thanks for your help Much appreciated!!

I’m making something very similar. It’s a Photo Journal app. Users sign in with Firebase and then add a photo, description, and automated date/time stamp. I was storing the data in Firebase under each user ID which works really well for that kind of data record but I ended up switching to a local DB (data base) because I wanted to be able to use a Data Viewer List to display the info.

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I’ve gotten how to save Data to google sheets, but I haven’t been able to show that data onto a list viewer!

(I didn’t include email - I’m still trying to find a way)

Thank you!

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Why are you using instead of connecting to the Google sheet from the Data Sources option?

Using the Data Sources option allows you to read from and write to Google sheet using Thunkable blocks.

I’ve tried, but I wasn’t able to successfully save data to Google Sheets (let alone change and update it) Which is why I did it this way.

If you have time, would you be able to create an example of a text input being saved to any DB and then being shown into a list viewer. (Making sure the user is only able to see their Reminders)?

Thank you,
either way It helped a lot


This is possible using the Data Viewer list, and Local DB. Could you give me a few moments to make an example for you?

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Yes, Thank you!
But you can’t delete anything from the Data Viewer list - or am I wrong?

As I need to be able to delete select Reminders the user wants.


Nope, you definitely can delete reminders. Let me create an example for you. Give me 5 minutes.

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Here’s a basic app. Swipe any item to delete it.

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Thank you Soooo much!!!
I have an Assignment due today - on my app and this helped so much!!

Thanks a million!!!

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No problem! Glad it helped you.