Blank space in the bottom-most part of the screen

DISCLAIMER : This post is not about the white bar bug (caused by keyboard).

Hi, :wave:

Since 1 - 2 weeks, I have been experiencing a new issue, which is some blank space in the bottom-most area of the screen.

Steps to re-produce the issue

  • Take a fresh Screen, and set it’s background colour to something other than white.
  • Now, take a Column, and set it’s colour to 0.25 alpha of white (so that the back screen is visible)
  • Set the Column’s height and width to 100% & 90% respectively.
  • Now in Thunkable Live (Android; haven’t tested this on iOS yet), you will notice that a 100% column doesn’t cover the screen 100%-ly.
  • In an APK, the same happens.


Thunkable Live -


I hope the staff fixes this soon.
Thanks! :blush:

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Hi Kartik,

I have the same issue. Did you find fix?

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+1 @donavan.naidoofnw !

No, I haven’t fixed this yet (and I can’t :sweat_smile: too)

Thanks! :blush: