[Reopened] Keyboard changes screen layout

Hi everyone
I know there are other discussions about “Keyboard hiding textbox” but I didn´t find the answer to my problem.

A week ago I downloaded my app and everything worked just fine. It looks like this:

Today I downloaded the same app with NO changes at all and I have this result:

Literally I didn’t do anything from last week to today and now every screen that have text box do the same thing.
Anyone has any thoughts/suggestions about this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @id.salazar88zrunh

I notice that you status bar is a different colour. I get that you mightn’t have made any changes to the project itself, but did you maybe update your phone’s operating system or make a similar change?

Thank you for your answer.
I don’t think so. Actually I try it with two different devices and have the same result with both versions of my app

i usually make another column(or row) below set hidden. and when keyboard rises up, then the column goes to visible. it will help.

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Could you give me an example?

I don´t think this is a problem with my design because every single screen has the same problem …

I dont know what happened but since today a lot of things works very bad… I think that might be a very bad update of Thunkable…
Btw A posible solution for you, if you configure the screen playing with "fit the contents, absolute sizes and % you can fix that

Do you speak spanish, right?

Si, soy de México
I’ve configured the screen as you said but it doesn’t work.

I am trying right now with old versions of my app and have the same problem.

Ps. I have tried with an old apk and doesn’t happen the same problem with keyboard, so it is not my phone

I´ve made this screen from the beginning and now I´m also experiencing some troubles with the live test and the thunkable app closes suddenly. Is it anything wrong with thunkable these days?

I just create this new fresh project to simulate:

  • GIFs are not running anymore (Image1)
  • when keyboard shows up, everything mess up, including shrinking of Thunkable Bar (back/view code)
  • when focus on Text_input1 or Text_input2 the Button1 cannot be clicked, neither the other text_input
  • Thunkable app mobile preview, is crashing all the time. Have to force stop and clear storage
  • on installed app (previous build) DataViewerGrid not working… stays forever on loading icon

Most of the problems, seems related to keyboard.
Nothing changes on my device… I have the original project installed on it, and it works fine.

Thanks for any help!

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Exactly the same here …
Waiting for solution …

Something similar happens to my app, but don´t know since when, because I have not touch it for a while.

When trying to insert a text at any Text Input, the screen view does weird things:

It happens both in running it in Thunkable Live and in the actual app. I have installed it in my mobile phone it does the same mess up.

Hope this helps,


been 2 days now nothing works

I have the exact same problem. When keyboard shows up everything mess up, I can´t use the Thunkable app, it crashes all the time.
This is happening since a week a go!!!

Same issue here. Happened recently to my apps without changing anything. The extra white space when the keyboard if up causes issues for inputs and button. Only happens to Android though. iphone seemed ok. Looks like its another issue after the V202 update.

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Somebody can help me with this?
I’m getting this problem when I use the textinput, when it get focus, a white box shows up.

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the delay following up here - I just wanted to let you know that we’ve been able to reproduce the issue on our end and are working on getting a fix out for this.

Here’s a link to the Github ticket so you can keep track of progress. We’ll update you all here too as we have more information to hand.

In the meantime, if you see any other users mentioning this issue, please point them towards this topic so we can keep everyone in the loop.

Thanks again for your patience in relation to this.

cc: @id.salazar88zrunh @saramdl.gaunde021 @Leito @lamagalhaes @newman1994211pt @davidcasasabajory @kizzy @gobassky @rynaldegabriel


Goodnight, I’m a little story about my problem. So in the beginning, exactly before June 12, 2020, my application development on Thunkbale had no problems.

But on June 19, 2020, I tried to develop my application in thunkable, suddenly my application display was a mess. Ie when the application displays the keyboard, the application display automatically pushed upwards. I have tried my hardest to try to improve my application but until now it still hasn’t worked.

Please help my friends, and also from the Thunkable party, please provide a solution to my problem. Thanks.

same same with me. squashed.
got fed up and made my own keyboard instead till the issue is fixed.


Thank you @domhnallohanlon
Than you all for your effort!!

This is an amazing plattform

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So just today when I go to enter text on Thunkable Live using my Android, a white square comes up above the keyboard and deforms the screen. I wasn’t noticing this issue yesterday and there is no problem with my iOS device. I tried some other community projects and the same thing occurs. I am relatively new to android so I am wondering if this may be something I did on my device or if it is something in the code?