Keyboard disorganizing Screen and Column Layout when a text input is pressed

I was actually searching around on the community forum to find out if there will be a solution to this issue, but from all the discussions I found on the community no solution have been found or arrived pls thunkable engineers should look sternly into this.

The issue persists for past 8month and there has not been any solution. Am sure the issue must have caused a lot of users loss of income due to the issue.

Pls help us look into it. Each time a text input is pressed, the keyboard pushes the all sreen layout up and disorganise them instead of overlapping the screen.


just post a image ill help u

Hello @lichicts

Is this in IOS or Android?


On Android. Do you have any solution to it?

Ok friend! I’ll do that now

Thanks Guys! Thunkable engineers knew exactly that they were doing with this platform. Almost everything you need to design your app are provided, just think and manipulate things and it will work. I took my time and persistence to work around thing and I got the solution and worked perfectly.

Anyone having the same issue should just change their layout elements Height to “Absolute” then use your “Padding” control to adjust your layout on the screen.

Thanks so much for your care!