Layout Resizes when Keyboard is open

When I open the keyboard the background image of a column goes up and so is the input textbox.

Can someone help me solve this? Thank you!

Have you taken a look at the already existing discussions on this topic?

it just says its fixed but its not working for me

Try setting your screen to Scrollable. Does it help?

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I tried setting the screen or the column to scrollbale but still it is like that.

Did you try with setting your column height to either Fill container and Fit contents?

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Yes, I did! still no effect.

And did you try setting your column’s height to absolute?

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Do you have an example on how you set it up? :smiley: Now that its absolute, i cant click on the text box input

So you say that when you set the column’s height to absolute, you can’t click the text input? This is weird. Is the text input inside the column or outside it? Can you share your project or any screenshots showing your screen and elements layout?

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I put the bg image at the column1. i place column 2 and column 3 as spacing for the text input. Also tried using relative but the image still moves.

if i set the column1 to absolute, what value should I put for full screen?

So the image I see in your first post is the background image of the top column? I am genuinely confused. I believe that you need to rethink your screen’s design.

column1 is the container column. inside column1 is the spacer columns (col 2 and 3) and the text box.

how should i do it? :smiley:

List of issues in your app:

  1. Your screen’s vertical orientation is not set to Top.
  2. You did not set the screen’s “Scrolling” property to “true” as I asked you to in my earlier message.
  3. Your app’s asset “login-04.jpg” is actually taking up the entire screen. This is a really bad practice. You should crop the image to leave out any blank space.
  4. You need to set your Column_2 height to absolute (i.e. 300 pixels).
  5. You don’t need a spacer column.

I did all of the above on a copy of your project and the screen behaves as expected. Go ahead and try it.


Thanks for all the inputs! I can’t seem to see your remixed version of my app :frowning:

any idea with this problem?

I did not post a remix of your project. I posted the link I used to troubleshoot the issues in your app. But I won’t do the changes for you otherwise you won’t learn anything out of this and you will come back next time with similar questions. So, fix the 5 issues I describe, check that they work and mark my response as the solution. Thanks

no it did not work. attached the screenshot on my previous response

Did you do this?

Sorry. got it working now. I was hoping a full screen because I sometimes do a full pattern background or full image.

Great. So everything works ok now?