Keyboard pop up shrinks my column and buttons

i have a log in options and buttons but when you tap to type keyboard opens and the screen goes up what am i doing wrong

You are not doing anything wrong. The keyboard has to open to let you enter whatever is needed to be entered. That means the keyboard has to take some space somewhere on the screen.
There are 3 ways this can happen:
1- the whole screen shrinks in proportion to leave room for the keyboard. This means that everything will be squished in proportion. This is apparently what you are presently seeing
2- the whole screen scrolls a little to make room, this means the some part of your app (usually the top) will temporarily disappear from view while the keyboard is showing
3- the keyboard covers a portion of the usual screen, usually the bottom, and hides it from view.

How they keyboard popping-up affects the rest of the screen is a function of the size of the components and their set property. For a column arrangement, there is a “Scrollable” property that you should probably check.
But even more to the point: how would you prefer your screen to react? You apparently do not like #1 too much, so would have to cater and program your app as a function of it behaving with #2 or #3 handling. It is all under your control but YOU have to make it happen with a combination of specific code (using the ‘visible’ attribute) and settings (“Scrollable = true” ; column advanced property positioning “overflow”).

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Thanks Guys! Thunkable engineers knew exactly that they were doing with this platform. Almost everything you need to design your app are provided, just think and manipulate things and it will work. I took my time and persistence to work around thing and I got the solution and worked perfectly.

Anyone having the same issue should just change their layout elements Height to “Absolute” then use your “Padding” control to adjust your layout on the screen.

Thanks so much for your care!

Hi! I am facing the same issue, I actually would like the option #3 (the keyboard covers a portion of the usual screen on the bottom and hides it from view.
However, after a lot of tries I am not able to make it work. You said it is a combination of Absolute Height and Padding… but how exactly? Could you please share an example or something? Thanks very much!

Thanks very much for this answer, but my question is how can I make #3 happen?? I am not able to make it work. Could you please help or write an example? Thanks!

With the termination of Thunkable Classic, I am no longer involved in development, and haven’t touched the environment in over a year.
But, if you want to achieve the “keyboard pop-up covers part of the layout” effect, you would typically need to make your layout the child of a larger arrangement, so that if fits 100% that larger arrangement (i.e. no scrolling required) and then make that larger arrangement dynamically switch to alternate dimensions (shorter) when the keyboard is brought into view, so that the bottom part of the child arrangement would be truncated (would require scrolling to be brought back). The part of the larger arrangement that is dropped off by the re-sizing has to be made the same size as the keyboard. There is not automatic evaluation of how much it would require in terms of resizing, it likely would require trial and error to make it fit, and it is even possible that the fitting may change from machine to machine, with no universal solution.

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