Text input goes up when typing

Hey the problem still there and a lot of people have it, why the text input and the rest goes up when the keyboard opens ? why the screen can’t they normal and the keyboard floats over it ?

While I can see this behavior on Thunkable Live, it’s no longer an issue for me when I install my app.

What layout/sizing options are you using?

Have you tried installing your app?

it happens with web viewer when I only have a web viewer in the screen

and even when I put a text block in a row on a screen

Sure, but is this live testing or installing?

installing when downloading

Android or iOS?


And finally, the last of my original questions;

I tried all from center item, height from container and space here and there and position: relative and absolute and never works :frowning: if you could me tell the best settings to do please ?

f you try it you will see take a screen put a input in a row that is full with and height and you will see the text input will go up after the keyboard opens

Any solution ?

Have a look https://share.icloud.com/photos/0bwY5iKxJwa7lvCDLI1YPTUiQ

Hello how can I remake this exemple from whats app that the text input is down and one click it goes up with the keyboard please ?

Nobody there who knows how ?

Hello how to avoid this effect thx ( check out the wetranfer )

What exactly do you want to avoid?

That the text input goes up and down when the keyboard opens see it on the video in wetranfer


Have you tried putting these components in the same Column


Is there a fix for this? The text input block has several problems when I use it:

  1. You can’t easily navigate within the text input area as you would with other apps. When I tap at the end of the hint text, for example, the cursor doesn’t move from the start of the text. I guess maybe the hint text isn’t supposed to disappear when you tap on it but if it stays there, it’s confusing for the user. Or maybe I’m just confused!

1b. If I tap to enter text and then press return to hide the keyboard, I can no longer enter text at all. Tapping in the text input area does nothing. But at least the hint text disappears!

  1. The screen moves up and gets squished, as described in this thread. I often can’t see what I’m typing.

  2. There is no keyboard hide button so I have to enter text and press return if I want to dismiss the keyboard.

I got a solution that worked for me, basically you have to get the computed height onto a variable before the keyboard is called then set the web viewer to that height.

i did it as soon as the page opened also, i saw you must add a small delay before getting and setting the variable.

please reply if this works for you