Page doesn't scroll up while typing into Text Input

Hi Thunkablex Guys;

I am facing issue with form page that my page donot scroll up while typing into text input and is hidden behild the Keypad of my mobile phone. I do have this both on IOS and Android Device.

Have anybody encountered similar issue and resolved it.

I have the same problem, but I still haven’t fixed it unfortunately.

There is a solution for iOS but it doesn’t work on android.
I mean that if you have a text input on the lowest part of the screen, it will go up whn typing on iphone but will not on android, unless it not completely on the bottom.

But this is valid only in certain situations, like, I’m trying to make a scrollable screen to be sure that the page on smaller screens doens’t get cropped, and in this case the text inputs don’t collaborate and stay exactly in the same spot.

But if you just make a ‘nermal screen’ they should move up when typing.

Hope I explained myself and maybe helped