When using text input on the iPad

There were many similar topics, but I was a beginner so I didn’t understand at all. (Also, I’m Japanese, and I think it’s the reason why I didn’t understand that I couldn’t read English very much.)
This issue only occurs on the iPad I use.
It doesn’t happen on the Android used by mom.
The problem is that when you type in text input, everything goes up. The design also gets worse and it becomes difficult to use.
I’m thinking of having the app I’m developing now actually used at school.
But when I get them to use it at school, I work on an iPad like the one I use.
What should I do now …
I’ve been worried for a long time. help me! :sob:
thank you. :smiling_face:
I’m sorry if there is a mistake in the English notation or something I don’t understand … :pensive:

Set the screen to scrollable. :slight_smile:

Even if I set it to scrollable, everything goes up …
What else should I do …

thanks for the info . I’ll need to do my own testing here. I’ve not seen that behavior, not that it isn’t hAppening I just need to reproduce the issue in order to help sort things out!

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It is a link. :smiling_face: