Text Input issues on DND

How can I fix this?
Text input starting at the middle
,And will Stp platform for app creation on thunkable?

Hello @versatile,
Please try the following solution: Go to text input settings and enable Multiline

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But then am having another issue with text input

But then it squeezes when you are typing,I guess am still not good with the DND platform of the thunkable

It’s still not working

Hello @versatile
Sorry for the late reply, If you are still having the issue please try to:

  1. Download the latest version of the Thunkable live app,
  2. Make the screen scrollable,
  3. Remove the Keyboard type from the text fields.
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I’ve tried your recommendation, but still having same issue

Hi @versatile
Could you please share the specific project URL in a private message with us so we can investigate it further?
You could copy it from the top of your browser.

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I have a similar issue - I think it is specific to Android as I don’t have the same issue on the Web Viewer or iOS.

On a related issue, the input shifts up on Android when the keyboard becomes active, but on an iPhone 8 running Software 14.6, text input shifts up but the keyboard still obscures it.

Ok I will