Keyboard shows up and hides bottom textbox

Hi there,

has anyone experience with an upshowing keyboard and how not to hide the textbox, where the text should be entered?
I have tried a lot of ideas, so it would really help, if someone actually tested the behavior of these components in real.

From my point of view, the textbox should at least be reachable, when the keyboard shows up.

This post adresses iOS thunkable only.


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For the Android version it works by setting the app of arrangement containing the text field to scrollable but since the iOS/X version does not yet contain any of the features I would need I haven’t tried if there is something similar for this version :thinking::confused:

But this seems to be a general problem of apps I already experienced keyboard covered textfields in iOS and Android Apps not made with thunkable… Idk why ^^

Keep getting the same problem when I use my Thunkable Live App I know its only beta but cannot use textboxs at all on android. Iphone works fine just android seems to refresh my app when I click the textbox :frowning: hopefully fixed soon.

I am getting same problem, none of the method works for me

Any progress on this? I am having a similar problem.

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