Keyboard hiding text input boxes


I am having an issue with the keyboard hiding text input boxes lower on the screen when that box is selected.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Any screenshot that we can take a look?

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I’m afraid that it’s impossible to fix in Live (in apk could not test - can not install)

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Hi, @smreeves2004bb! :wave:

I think you should try to set the screen's scrollable property to true :green_circle:
If you are using a column, set it to true…

Thanks! :blush:

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You might want to change the position of the container / screen including your textboxes to „flex-end“ this way it should also push the content upwards if the keyboard is shown. It might not always work perfectly in companion tough but should be fine in the built app.

Also check out this article about positioning:


Ok thanks. I changed all of the items to flex-end.

I’ll let you know what happens when I build the app.

Thanks again

, text inputs are not stable my sumsung android J2, can someone please explain what is causing this and how can i solve it. By ‘unstable’ I mean the screen shakes when I enter text and the keyboard keeps hiding the input. I don’t have any blocks I was just testing the UI.


Does that work for you too?