Any Weird Behavior on Compiled apps lately?

i started noticing a blank space at the bottom of my screens suddenly, that wasn’t the case few weeks ago? is anyone having the same issue? i will add some screenshots if necessary , but mainly it s a 15 25px white row that appears randomly everywhere :open_mouth:

Hi Chaara,

I have noticed this too, but only in the Thunkable live testing app.

Have you tried exporting your app? If not it might be worth a try :wink:

Can you send your app’s shared link.

I just had a problem that after downloading the app to test several functions that in thunkable live were perfect appeared distorted and / or not working even though the blocks are correct (I checked it more than once)

It seems like when i make a quiz it messes up if i go to screen 2 all my code for screen 1 goes away