[Solved] App not filling screen on Thunkable Live

I am working on an app to speak for a nonverbal student. When I use Thunkable Live on my android phone, the app functionality is working as planned except the home screen cuts off at the bottom, leaving a lot of white space. I have made multiple adjustments to the layout and none have fixed it.
The app URL is Thunkable

Here is a screen shot of the live app on my phone with all the whitespace beneath. It also shows that the spacer rows are being ignored at top as well

This is the screenshot of that screen in my Thunkable Design showing what it should look like

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

Hey there @Vera_Cubero, thanks for posting your question to the community! :open_hands:

please check out this app i have shared back with you. Thunkable

Make sure that when you are using scrolling features, you set all components to a fixed size or fit content. From there, you can alter the spacing/margin settings to achieve your desired look.

Also, be sure to test the app on your phone. I notice in the browser preview, the components do not have the correct positioning.

If this works as your solution, please mark this as solved!

I hope this was helpful!

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