[Workaround] White space in the bottom after dismissing keyboard in .apk app

Hi guys.

I have some trouble with a white space that appears in the bottom of my chat screen after I use the keyboard, as you can see in the following images

Does anyone have a guess of what is happening here, and if there is a solution or workaround?

Thanks in advance.

This looks like unexpected behavior. Would you like to share either a copy of your app or the blocks that you use for that screen. Also, you may want to report this on get hub if it is a bug. When bugs are reported the admin‘s are able to take care of them!

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I am also getting some white line, in both android and ios live tests. Not sure in apk or ipa.
It’s like ~12.5px tall.

BTW, I covered it by setting the bottomost/last component’s bottom margin to -12.5px.

Thanks! :blush:


Hi @kartik14, thank you for your suggestion, it is an interesting workaround. I added a row component at the bottom of the screen with absolute size 25 px, and set the margin to -25 px (in my case the space of 12.5 px was doubled).

Although it is not the ideal solution, I am happier now with the app, so I will mark your answer as the solution. Thanks again!


Thanks! :blush:

Let’s wait for the Ideal bug solution :wink: Till it, you can use my workaround :smile:

Thanks a lot! :blush:
Happy Thunking! :tada: