Do you see a white bar at the bottom of your screen?

Does anybody else in here experience a small white bar below the nav bar? I think this may be an iOS error.


I do !

have you found a workaround for this? @farhanlatif027i3df
My plan is to report this on the github tomorrow but would like a workaround for now if possible.

Do so and only logical thing I could have think of was putting the columns height to fill container but that did not work either

Yes, I too notice it.

One key thing about the white bar, is it only appears when keyboard appears the first time in the on-going session. It’s not visible before the keyboard appearing.

Have a look (especially at the bottom of the screen) -

Thanks! :blush:

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I’m having this issue too, but it’s not with the keyboard. It’s just part of my default screen now. Didn’t have it before and not sure what I did to change it. The bizarre thing is I’ve got a column above it overlaying the row below (the last row) and going into the white space, but there’s nothing in my screen Design below that last row.

Did anyone report this as a bug, or did you guys figure out how to fix it?

Here is a solution that works for custom bottom nav bars (not the one that comes with Thunkable). How to get rid of white row at bottom of 'bottom navigator'

This happend recently and is already reported :grin: