White gaps on screen iPhone XR

Hi everyone, there are few other topics regarding this kind of issue, but any of these helped me. All running tests were done on iPhone XR with thunkable test app and also with manual profile install. I tried to use function “ignore notch area”, as well any kind of tricks, (modifying the resizing mode) but i’m stil here without a solution. Is this a bug?
There are some known workaround? I’m using the drag&drop version of thunkable. This is a photo of my issue.

Welcome @fabio.biscia1 have you tried Turing on ignore Notch area or setting the Notch area color?

Yes, unfortunately this method doesn’t work

you should turn on ignore notch area and then change the background colour of the screen so your notch area will be the same colour as the screen’s one

I have the same issue as you. Did you wound any workaround for your problem? I will ad this as a bug in GitHub. Hopefully it will be fixed very soon.
I am also running on a iPhone XR…

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Hi. I have the same issue as fabio and I have tried to do as you say but still the issue remains.

Any other ideas or workarounds?

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I have this as a bug

And here


Ok great! Lets hope for any good news soon then! Thanks!


Hi. Is there any updates with the status regarding this ? Is it taken care of? Is there any plane for a fix ?

Thanks a lot!!

Do you know if there is any updates regarding this yet?

Kind regards

Andreas Sjöstedt

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