Ignore Notch Area

Has anyone tried the new “Ignore Notch Area” setting for iOS devices? I was excited that it’s possible to extend the project screen into the notch area on an iPhone 11. But when I download a project with that setting enabled, the notch area is still white and doesn’t include my screen design.

I’m using the legacy interface.

Curious if anyone has gotten it to work?



And then if I set a notch area background color, it only affects the top part of the screen, not the bottom.


Same thing is happening to me.

I trying to remove the notch area in IOS, by turning on the switch in my proyect settings.
But still showing this notch area in white for iphone, doesnt matter if this setting is turned off or on.

Help us pls!!

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Here to add my input to this problem, hopefully it can be solved. I have two different apps with ignore notch area and the results shown below are for IOS (14, I’m afraid to upgrade to 15 as some clients have been unable to use the apps).

App 1
Ignore notch area = true, the screen colour is green and it covers the entire top, but for some reason the bottom, even though the the white column is set to fill container. Any idea how to fix this if it has already been fixed? Seems like it worked for the top.

Ignore notch area = true, the screen background image does not go all the way to the top, image resize mode = cover. I know it wont cover that part on android but we can set the colour of the status bar so it’s fine, but since we can’t on IOS, is that just how it can be? The empty space at the bottom is still an issue here as well.

App 2
Ignore notch area = true, here the main issuce comes with the drawer navigator. The top most button goes into the notch area. Can get annoying dependant on the phone screen size, and it is also why I had initially assumed that you can indeed have the background image go into the notch area as well which unfortunately wasn’t the case in app 1 as you as above.
WhatsApp Video 2021-09-26 at 18.57.00_1