Bottom Tab Navigator (iPhone X)

Hi Guys,

I’ve created an App which looks fine when using on iPhone 6/6S but when viewed on iPhone X everything is fine except for the Bottom Tab Navigator - it gets stretched leaving white gaps been levels.

Is there a way to dynamically size the Bottom Tab Navigator so it increases to iPhone X screen. I’ve played with different settings but haven’t found anything yet.





Looks like I have the same issue. I have the white space below the menu on the iPhone11 but not on the iPad. Did you get any response?

I have this same issue. I’d love to see a fix. Just changing the margins doesn’t work for me.

For reference this is an iPhone 11

What I’ve done to solve this and is really only based off of specific app design but is to set the screen background colour to whatever colour the top of the screen is. This will set the colour for status bar. Make sure to avoid colours that would deem black or white status bar text invisible or hard to read. See here for an example.

As you can see one of the photos shows red from top to bottom. This is because the screen background colour is set to red.

The photo with the bottom tab navigator also has background set to red as seen in the status bar. This makes black and white status bar text visible (support for users who use dark mode and users who don’t).

From my experience the bottom nav bar stays white no matter what. So maybe if you can for a temporary aesthetic workaround, set your bottom tab navigator to white. Otherwise there is no known way around this unless another Thunker would like to share something we’ve all missed!

The photo below shows why it is important to change background screen colour to match background colour of the component located at the very top of the screen. Here you can see the bar at the top of the screen is just a basic row component with a label called profile. It’s background is set to red and it merges perfectly with the status bar colour.

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Yea, can do (switch to white background for the menu). But this is either a UI or build bug that’s existed for over a year (2/19). Any estimates of when this will be fixed?

I’ve spent a lot of time (not to mention Thunkable system compile resources) trying to determine what my problem was, only to discover that it’s a bug.

Suggestion: deactivate the choice until the bug is fixed or create a “known bug” list.

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Hey @daveterryrlg I believe that there’s a fix on the way for this (we were discussing this recently) but wanted to let you know that there is a list of bugs in this public Github repo: