Thunkable X App Modern Design

Who say Thunkable X cannot modern. Here I would like to share some image which i made it and hope you like.

This is for schedule which you want to list.

This is a member list

This is FAQ page.
(These design are for studio’s company to use it quite well)


For the original image are Chinese. The template of text and some structure of circle were edited by Photo editor.


This looks great! The simple colour scheme and bold shapes are very effective. Thanks for sharing!


I’m sorry about those categories. Not all phone can look it carefully. Therefore. Those categories are #f9f9f9 color ( border radius 3px/5px/8px/100px ) thanks.

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can you please share the block code for this…

is it possible to make changes in list viewer… the current list provider seems not be able to show text instead of just one liner and a button

I don’t even have add any list viewer. For the main I use row and column to customize.

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