Release/Update Calendar?

Hi Thunkable,

I am building an app now that is getting in the final stages. However, I desperately need a listviewer with more options than the current version (like ability to set font (type, color, etc), ability to enable/disable gridlines, ability to enable/disable backgroundcolor if item is clicked, etc).
In the past there was some talk about a new/updated listviewer component.

Any info on if/when this new component will be released (and/or when/if the current listviewer will be updated)?

If it takes long before the component is available, I will need to build something myself using a scrollable row/column and labels, etc. But I prefer not to go that way because it will become messy :stuck_out_tongue:. So if an update is to be expected soon, I prefer to wait for that…

Brings me to my second question: is there someting like a roadmap, or release planning, etc for ThunkableX? Although I understand that this might cause expectations that might be difficult to meet, I think something like this would really be helpful for developers as they can then decide if they want to wait for a certain feature/component or go another route…

Thanks for replying!

BTW: So far I love ThunkableX! By far the easiest/best way of developing multi-platform apps that I have found so far! Keep up the good work!!!

A multifunctional ListViewer is a really important component. But I think that at the moment it’s better to use what we have to create a powerful list - html and Javascript in WebViewer and Firebase (or data exchange via web-service and cookie).

When a native list appears, it will not be difficult to use it. But even in Thunkable Classic a powerful list can be obtained only with the help of an extension and not in the base version ListViewer.

Hi there,

This is definitely something we want to add in the future. Just to be clear, are you looking for something like this:


In terms of general roadmap, we’d love to share with you what we are building in the future but we don’t want to set the wrong expectations in case priorities change (which does happen quite often especially as a smaller company).

We definitely hear you and listen to all your feedback (so please keep sending them), which helps inform what we build next –

Albert @ Thunkable

Hi Albert,

Thanks for your reply! Yes, something like that would be very nice. Not sure about all the possibilities, because I only started using Thunkable 2 weeks ago and never played with the classic version, but looking at the documentation it looks very nice.
Maybe a few additions that would make it even cooler:

  • the possibility to have multiple lines of text per “item” in the view. Then, in the initial state, only the first line and icon are shown, and when a user taps on an item, the item is expanded inplace to show the rest of the lines. When a user taps again, the item is collapsed again to only show the first line + icon (and if at all possible: make all this configurable ;-P)
  • The possibility to have events for swipe actions (like in a lot of apple apps like mail): when a user swipes left on an item, at the right-hand side a button, for example ‘Delete’, is shown. When a user swipes ‘right’, a button is shown on the left-hand side of the item (this would for example make it possible for users to easily remove items from the list)
  • The option to show a sort of index next to the list, like in the address book, so that a user can quickly navigate to for example the items starting with a certain letter
  • Automatic sorting of items in the list

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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Hi Albert,
Fully understand the problem of setting wrong expectations … been there :stuck_out_tongue:
Guess we will just have to be patient and see
Thanks anyway!
Regards Rob

Thanks for the additional detail, which I added to our outstanding issues on our product roadmap :O)

Looking forward to that