Extended Listviewer

When will it be live ?
We are waiting so long now for this … because with any blocks it is really buggy …


What does an “extended listviewer” look like to you in Thunkable X @danyklein?

Hi, @domhnallohanlon! :wave:

I think @danyklein means this -


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Thanks @kartik14, it was more of an open ended question really.

I was essentially wondering, if Thunkable were to release an extended listviewer, what are the top 3 features, or the “must have” features that you are looking for?

Basically, a “button” is pretty well defined and understood - but what is an extended listviewer?

Hope that makes sense! :smile:

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Come on… Basically you add a card with a image text and button as you wish…like the normal list viewer only that ou can style and add things as you like and it duplicates alone with all the database data…

I have done it with any block but to slow and to much code.

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Hi, @domhnallohanlon! :wave:

I hope you have heard of the legendary CollinTree Listview.

It consisted of an image (the leftmost part), a title (In bold) and a subtitle (in normal weight below title). And the whole item was clickable.

An extended ListViewer can be defined as, which has the capabilities of doing things which a normal ListViewer can’t do.

It has some extra designing and coding options, more advance-ness unlike a listview.

It’s currently possible to develop a custom list view in Thunkable X, and is very easy (thanks to AnyComponents :star2: )
@actech has a nice example of this one, in his brilliant AC Tech Demo 2020 App.

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I know that I use any blocks for that thank’s to @actech … but they are announcing it for monthsssss now that they will release that

There are more important priorities for team right now, which might consist of functions that are currently not possible in Thunkable X. Those requests which have a nice workaround, can be released later.

Currently, the extended ListViewer can be made through a very less blocks in Thunkable X.

Note - This is my personal thinking, let’s wait for @domhnallohanlon’s response :star2:

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I thought you were using my example @danyklein :cry:

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I think I confused @danyklein between two different Extended ListViewer Soutions from two different people! :grimacing:

I can attest to this method as working very well. I use this to methodology to display dynamic data from Airtable.


it’s a mix :joy::blush:

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the problem is it is not clean enough we need a native solution …

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Hey @danyklein. You’re right, that would be a dope feature! The latest update of thunkable allows for a multi line list viewer. You still can’t put a picture in for now, I think.

I know the stuff will kill me but got the invite for this beta and it’s isss powerfull. Like I said months ago thunkable could beeee so big if they had more native ios ui and all that stuff but I fear this will steal some thunkable users …

But I believe in thunkable … let’s wait

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That does not really sound like we will have the extended listview anytime soon? :see_no_evil: I’m just asking because I work on apps right now that would need a more capable listviewer and the “any blocks” workarounds are really slow and buggy…

Anyways what I would love to see in an extended listviewer would be

custom objects
For example being able to choose what I want to include like Headline, Sub-Headline, Text, Image/Icon, checkbox…

various layouts
List styles to choose from like cards with/without large images, list with images, profiles…

swipe actions
like swipe left to delete. this is native on iOS and many apps use this feature by now.

Maybe you could also enable creating fully customized layouts. Like creating a template container, filling it with the elements wanted and being able to link the content of a list of objects (each containing the data to display) to the elements. It is somewhat similar to the anyblocks workaround but it would be much easier and not as buggy/slow and most important it would need to include IDs but that should also be implemented into the clone block a.s.a.p. because right now it is a pain to find a certain duplicate…

Anyways I really hope to see this update soon!

Best, Chris

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The list should be able to display buttons, images and text.

And preferably you should be able to set the design.

I don’t know if you’ve ever used VSCO but go to the profile screen there. The list is really nice for photos it’s like mosaic images.

hahaha, no we won’t kill you, but you’re not making a fair comparison here.

From their website:

Play will export to Xcode supporting Swift

At Thunkable our mission is to make cross platform app development more accessible to everyone. All you need to publish an iOS or Android app is your web browser.

This tool, aesthetically, looks lovely, but you’ll still need a Mac and an IDE and it’s not cross platform.

Thunkable is already the biggest cross-platform app builder available right now, we want your help to keep improving and adding in the features that will have the biggest impact for your users.


If you have bug reports etc. please leave comments on the relevant posts so that we can fix them and make them better, please!

You literally signed up to be a beta tester yesterday - you’re maybe a few hours away from trying this out?

Was this part of the original Extended Listviewer extension or are you just doing a bit of blue sky thinking here @Chris?

Yep - we have that!

Got a couple of those too!

perhaps in the future, but this is way beyond the scope of the initial release.

Seems like this is a separate issue relating to the “Any Component” blocks. Can you open a new topic if it it, please?



Like a grid view? Awesome - you’ll be able to create things like that too so!