[Solved] Coming soon to Thunkable X - Extended Listviewer?

I love Thunkable X. :grinning:

Since I have discovered (1 year ago) I see, analyze and interpret my professional reality trough Thunkable X platform. I still have a lot to discover and to learn. I understand that it is big project and my needs may not necessarily be a priority.

I don’t care if the Live app crash continuous and I have to test by downloading the app after each 9 minutes. It is ok.
I don’t care if the same announcement emails from Thunkable X are coming many times for two days in a row. It is ok.
I don’t care about some bugs or any other issues that may be remain without an answer or for the fact that I had to republish some apps for iOS 13. It is ok.

I love Thunkable X, I have the feeling that I am in the right place, so I will stay here.

Since August 2019, almost every day I check the status of the Coming soon to Thunkable X. / New components / Extended Listviewer.

Why? Because I can’t concept any of my projects without having an Extended Listviewer.
As I said before, I my opinion, equal what type of app it is in discussion every app it is mainly a list: items, text, sound, video - just listed items, equal the app name.

I had to postpone my projects one after the other and I let myself know that it is ok, the component will be ready soon - since it is on Coming soon area. But it is not yet there.
I realize that the Game components are an amazing opportunity and was a lot of hard work for Thunkable team :space_invader:, but I need this Extended Listviewer component for my projects.

If anyone has a real solution for this, thank you very much for sharing. What I have tried with Any Component was not the result that I may need it.

Anyway, I will continue my daily check on Coming soon to Thunkable X, hoping for the component.

Best Regards,


Hi, @io.nut.ilie! :wave:

My case, is somewhat like yours. :smiley_cat:
For the extended list-viewer, I remember @actech (in some lost post) provided someone a sample project of making a extended list viewer. He would help you further :+1:

Thanks! :blush:



The expanded scope of list browsing is certainly an important component, but the main problem with Thunkable X is the inability to program. Without this, the Thunkable X is an airplane that rolls along the runway and cannot take off in any way.

As for the alternative to extended lists, you can see two examples:

scrGalleryTemplate - https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5d70f93f8a62b4079eedaff2/project/properties/designer/
list with images - https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5d90cb81aab4c26ef753f324/project/properties/designer/


As I said :smiley_cat:

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Thank you @kartik14 and @actech!

Around a week ago I wanted to PM you both in order to ask your support for this issue and also to ask if you are available for paid support.
I was also searching for a freelancing area of the community and as I didn’t find it so I decided to wait. The reason was that I need the component for many projects not only for one project.

I know both of the samples that @actech shared. I am always checking the post and samples from both of you. Thank you for your huge support for this community.

I need reach lists, that are dynamic, that may import a feed from web store easy or that are user generated.
It is important to have beautiful lists, that may give to the user a special feeling related to the quality of the app, because the apps market it is also a lot about the quality of the design.
I don’t want a list that it is not customized and beautiful because I may let a user believe that the app has a lower quality itself. I prefer not to create or deliver.

Thank you, anyway for your great and fast and real support.


Hi @io.nut.ilie,

We’re working hard to have this available in early 2020.

In the meantime, we have lots of tutorials for working with dynamic data using the Any Components

These free templates can easily be extended to include images, links etc. depending on your use case.

Finally, you can always reach out directly if you have any questions in relation to your projects.



I can’t say about @actech, but I am a kid of age 14. I am a freelancer, so I would be very happy to help you, with $0 as my fee :smiley_cat:

It would be very helpful, if you provide a illustrative pic/screenshot of the design you want.

Again, Thanks a lot for your Feedback :blush:

:smiley_cat: :smiley_cat: :+1: :+1:

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Thank you @kartik14!
A kid with age 14? Amazing! I use the same numbers for my age, but in reverse order.

My first question will be related to your tutorial for Emotion Recognizer.
Have a nice day!



Thanks a lot! :blush:
You may also check my profile / user card -


Sure. :smiley_cat:

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Thank you @domhnallohanlon.
I know that your support it is great as the platform itself.
Amazing info about the early 2020! :pray: :handshake:


Extended Listviewer is an unknown feature to me. Did a search but could not find any explanation.

But in my experience I now that there is most provably a workaround you just need to find it.

I have used FileMaker (for 35 years) and also other programing tools like WinAutomation and I have seen same kind of demands for more, more and even more features. Yeas you can do more but it also makes the programing much more demanding as you tend to move your goals further.
The users value easy good ideas and nice solutions. Work on these as more is not always better.

I have now tested Thunkable for tree weeks and think I can do most things I can think of with lists. Searching from cloud server and presenting lists. Let each line click read list line related information and jump, do or present depending on what ever you want to happen.

So please clarify what you can’t or want to do so maybe we can help you. Many times just a push in the right direction can open new frontiers.

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Extended Listviewer refers to a list into which you can insert images and several lines of text. font settings can be changed and much more. Thunkable’s List Viewer is a physical list of strings. Unfortunately, this is not even a virtual list.

I still think that you can work around the limitations as there always will be some.
I have seen GUI comming web and now apps and there is always this dicussion about that you can do more if we can have this or this feature.
Lists with pictures and fonts can be nice. But the lack of them should not stop you from continue your programing efort.
Why not do it with html?

Thank you @actech and @melbacto and @kartik14 and @domhnallohanlon and thanks to the entire Thunkable community.

Yes, as Alexander said, the Extended Listviewer give the option of creating amazing screens with data, using images, maps, custom fonts, tha size and look and feel of the items etc.
Even now may be possible with Any Component (I really would like to see an amazing sample), but I don’t know if Any Component may be used as a custom solution for a web feed or APIs.

And for the HTML use, as far as I remember, there are some difference of interpretation of the HTML generated with Thunkable by the Android and iOS apps. But it could be something.
Anyway, few months ago I had a big static / offline list with images and text for an app. I have tried to generated it using HTML and, beside the platform difference and limits, as I came to the list row with the nr. 60, the screen was very hard to be controlled with so many blocks. So after a lot of time I decide it do drop it and use the normal Listviewer.

Here you can see a difference between some list that I find ok and the lists that I can generate now.

I am sure that I may have some limitations in interpretation and use of code. But as @actech said yestarday it is not possible to add extra custom code in Thunkable. For me this is not so bad, because this is the main reason that I am here: I am less a programmer and more a designer. Solution like Thunkabkle are ideal for me.
If I would a verry skilled programmer I would build apps using basic software solutions like Android Studio or Swift, without using Thunkable. But it is not the case for me.

Anyway, as @domhnallohanlon said the solution it is under development for now and I will try to focus on other sides of the projects.


On the scrFireworks screen, there is an example solution for creating an extended list. This is a difficult and rather specific decision, but for myself I would do something like that.



Hey @io.nut.ilie here’s a sample that you can use to create a completely custom Extended Listviewer