Can we add image and text in a list viewer in one row

HI team ,
IN listviewer i want to add image and text insame row …is it possible ???/
kindly help me out

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As you can see in the Release Notes, they are currently working on extended list viewer. This feature should hopefully do what a lot of us want to do which is add photos to lists.

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thanks for ur reply I was not aware of it.

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I find that there is a new update every 10-15 days, although canvas and sprites has been in the release notes for a very long time, and i would presume that if extended list viewer is a large component, then we could be waiting longer for it. I would expect to see this feature at the start of July, but I have no indication to when it will be out.



Will this temporary solution work for you?

It hepls actech …but code is very lengthy…i have nearly 20 screens to do … anyways i will implement…thanks a ton