ListView like ColinTree

if in this version is not possible to use extensions, how is it possible to make ListView nice/complex like ColinTreeListView?

Many thanks

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ColinTreeListView is made using Java and to create a similar one you need to write the code to Swift, or use the web with the data exchange to the native part. Neither of us is available, so almost everything has to be done manually.

List Viewer supports only single-line text and Unicode characters, so it does not work beautifully and functionally, but you can implement the master-detail approach when, after selecting a list option, a new screen (or panel on the same screen) opens with a photo and detailed information.

The Column component supports vertical scrolling and can be implemented using the Image, Label components, which are covered with a transparent button from the top to select them. It remains to calculate the number of elements that will be required for the list you need and decide whether you are ready to bother with them manually?

To reduce the number of items in the list, you can use page output. You create for example 10 list items with icons and text, and by clicking on the buttons you load into them the next batch of data, as it is done on many sites with a page-by-page output.

You can reduce the amount of Image by using a large background image. If Thunkable X supported the sprites and the function of copying part of the image, then working with this would be easier.

Instead of Label, you can use the Web Viewer. Then you can use html and css. Another way is to try to create a two-layered list: Use the Web Viewer as a background, and cover them with transparent buttons. Click on them in the native part, the data mapped to the Web Viewer data will be selected.


Thank you very much for your deep explanation; as you understand from my requests is that I’m migrating my projects from standard to X.
In the previous version (Android), we had more functionality expecially from extesion.
Now I love very much to work on the same envirorment producing in the same time both APP but the futures “confortable” have been reduced a lot (at the moment I hope).
I’m sure you are working very hard to “recover land”.

Many thanks

Hi Andrea,

With time, the functionality of Thunkable X will certainly increase. Each of its users makes a certain contribution to this by helping the developer to find errors and new functionality. Thank you for this!

Today I found another way to create a complex list. You can implement all the functionality in the Web Viewer (html) and use the RealtimeDB component to exchange data between the Web Viewer and the native part: you click on a list item in the Web Viewer for example and then use javascript to update the information in Firebase. RealtimeDB listener immediately receives the corresponding data in the DataChanged block.


I want to set up random screen selection for my quiz app project what can I do plz help
Plz reply

Why do you need to randomly choose screens? You can use a single screen that displays randomly selected questions from the question list.

very nice workarounds by @actech!

But actually for me the best way is to wait patiently for an extended listview. It is very clear, that this is priority number one, if you take a look at the most popular apps on your phone: is there any app, which is nice without a extended listview?!


You are right, without a functional List Viewer it’s hard to do, but my intuition tells me that it will not appear very soon. Much depends on what policy developers follow. If Thunkable X is a closed system in which users can not write extensions or embed React Native code in blocks, then such a component may not appear at all among the built-in components and after many years, as seen in the example of AI2.

thanks for your opinion.

This ends in a strategic issue, which can only be discussed internally in the @thunkable team.
I do not know about their plans. thunkable classic is really fun because of playing around with these awesome extensions from highly sophisticated developers. I mean take a look at ColinTreeListview which was beautiful and stable after a few months.
thunkable X is crossplatform, but which productive app do you want to code without a extended listview with at least an icon on the left? - I can imagine only an app, showing a webviewer. But maybe I am too pessimistic in this issue - I really liked your creative workarounds, but I am so confident that the listview must improve in the next months!

You are an optimist - it’s wonderful! Then try to solve this problem. Thukable X beta was released on February 23, 2018. When will the functional component ListViewer appear, if the orderly less complex component Alert appeared on July 20, 2018? Hint - it’s been 5 months. :sunglasses:

hopefully - funny fact: even the thunkable live companion for iOS has icons in the list on the left side :laughing:, maybe a sign :rabbit2:

hopefully the @thunkable team makes a statement, if someday there will be a Listview like ColinTree for thunkable X. At least a minimal version with an icon on the left and a multiline text possible on the right. This is so elementary for any app :frowning:

@thunkable still no feedback?!

I guess either there is no need for a statement because the extended listview comes in the upcoming release, or it really hurts to answer because it will never come.


It is on our priority list of components! I wish I could give you an exact date - the best I can say is likely a few month. Trust me I want it just as much as you!

In addition, just so you know other components that are also high priority are admob, canvas type features, push notifications, etc.

We are working as hard as we can!!!


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Hey @amrita ! I had someone from thunkable who told me the update would be out before october. Sadly we are the 4th of October, is it coming in the next few days ? Also, I would like to suggest the Thunkable team to introduce us to what is coming out in the next release. Make a detailled list so we can know what to excpect (I’m also talking about the next updates here). Thanks !

today I will take my whole impatience and put it in a new project:

Listview with htm asset

any help highly appreciated.

the root for my project is the stuff made by @Juan_Antonio a year ago

@albert : can you or someone from your team check, if this is suitable for thunkable X and could save time because you do not have to make a extended listview component?
1.) can we get the number of the item clicked in the list?
2.) can we customize this listview

My monthly reminder for the @thunkable team: still cannot wait for the day to use extended listview :star_struck:

…I will use the waiting time for playing with your sweet new tab navigator :clap::clap::clap:

@User81 thanks for your monthly reminder! We are still working on it!

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Hi @thunkable team, after a long time I realize that the tree view command was not created. this command is simple and functional besides being considered basic. for reflection “what’s the use of other complex commands if basic commands do not exist?” I hope the strategy prioritize something simple and according to the purpose of this concept (without html)

Thanks for your feedback @Jules_Sotto - we’re working on some exciting new updates at the moment.

I can’t go into the specifics right now, but I think you’ll be please with the updates! :smile: