I want to make scrollable text

thanks for your reply

i have a issue with label the problem is my text is more then 20 lines and i want to store is and view it in label. i have put the label in the row and enabled scrolling option. the problem is again it doesn’t show the entire text although its scroll-able and when u release the scroll it gets back to the starting position
any feedback

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@Tijender_Singh, you question doesn’t seem to be related to @BlueWhaleYT’s post.

Can you share some screenshots or a project link with the issue you are having?


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thanks for your reply Domhnall… the issue is resolved when i replaced label with text_input… i have enabled the option for multiple line and disabled the option for editable… it worked perfectly fine…

it calls data from firebase as put it in text box as it is…

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Ok, I’ve moved this to it’s own topic.

Thanks for the update.

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Did you solve it?