Input user text stands in the middle of the textbox vertically

I use a textbox that I enlarged with the blocks and of which I set the number of lines to 5 when I launch the application and I enter text (the text is in the middle of the text box vertically on the phone) and not in web mode when it should be at the beginning of the text box

Please provide more details including screenshots and if possible, a link to the project.

From the instructions for this forum category:

When asking a question, please include as much information as possible e.g. device type, components used, screenshots, etc so that we can help each other out!

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this is what i get on my device

furthermore i set the column to scrollable and guess what happens? well the content does not scroll
if someone can explain me what’s going on here is the link (and i simplified the layout…)

You need to enable multi line text for your input. Check out the elements settings in the design screen.


I had done it I put 6 as number of lines

Please share a screenshot of your component settings.

here is a screen shot :

Can you share a minimal reproducible example of this issue? I can look into it further for you if you can do this for me :slight_smile:


on preview on pc it’s well -sometimes- but on device (android) it’s wrong
at the same time I do not understand what is the point of indicating the number of lines since I can type beyond … :unamused:

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