Multi-line text inputs in new drag and drop UI?


Is it possible to have multi-line text inputs in the new drag and drop UI?

Thanks in advance.

it is actually not possible but u can make it

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@eko.devs.apploroceo thanks for the reply. How would you be able to make it? A screenshot of some blocks would be much appreciated.

might help
change the texts to text input u are done

Apploro, that project isn’t public - I’m interested to see how you did it!

oh sorry
i deleted it i guess… ill make it and send again

heres it
not similar to previusone

Can you explain this? Because all I see when I preview it is a text input box that won’t allow input and two buttons that don’t do anything.


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Yes, I can confirm @tatiang findings. The screen does not respond to any clicks.

I wonder if you misunderstood what was being asked. @jakehqk asked for multi-line text input, meaning that the text input would wrap around and cover multiple lines. Not a text input with multiple lines underneath it.