Can I add a multiline Text Input box

Please explain how do I add multiline text input boxes in the new interface. As there is no advanced as old, now i can’t add multiline text input boxes?

hey @eko.devs.apploroceo he already mentioned


hope it helps

@eko.devs.apploroceo What @samyak.whitehatjrbtt is looking for is a multiline text input in Thunkable, not using HTML.


Multi-line text is not available in the drag and drop UI

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oh i did hope u saw

Thanks for the request @samyak.whitehatjrbtt

As @drted points out, this isn’t available right now, but I’ve added it to the list of feature requests.

You can see more in our FAQs here:


Hey, here’s how you can do so:
Go to the ‘Advanced’ Tab, and scroll a bit, you’ll find an option:
Set this setting to true.

Hope this helps!

i think he meant in new ui

Oh… you mean the new Thunkable interface…


This option is not currently available… :frowning:

thats what he asked

Ok… No Ideas, sorry

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might help

Your project is not public:

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