Newline in text block

how to type newline in text block? I have tried \n but no luck. thx

Hi Lee,

welcome to the community.

thunkable iOS does not have as many possibilities as android yet, the “Multiline” is not yet possible.

So I guess you want to write something, which causes instantly a linebreak … I cannot tell you if that would be possible in the native iOS textbox component.
But there is a variety of workarounds with using the CLOCK component, which can for instance check every few milliseconds, if your textbox contains a charakter or word and then triggers an action:

the Clock.Timer (this is the event, triggered whil clock is ticking) could have the logic:
if the phrase “\n” is in text from the textbox, then write to the textbox: " …\n…" . Maybe this use of writing to textbox, \n will be interpreted as a linebreak.

When using thunkable ANDROID use that info:
There is a checkbox for “Multiline”, which will mean, that you have an ENTER key on your keyboard instead of the DONE key, which is more like a “Hide-keyboard”-key.
See the docs in this issue:

thunkable team has developed rich opportunities and there are thunkable extension creators nearly genius. Maybe some day also extension creators for iOS. You can use all that stuff in you own creative way, so have fun and keep on thunking!



Hi there
I do see there is now multi line on IOS textinput
How do we use it?

Hey Renier,

it seems to me, that the textbox component has to be patient until future updates. I’m totally looking forward for promising funtionality like

  • multiline incl. linebreak, maybe html tags possible, or even hyphenation (okay maybe too much)
  • Event trigger after DONE-Key hit, get-focus component (or jump to next textbox)
  • component to enable/disable the “edit”-option

if you have further suggestions or requirements, just tell us :wink:

Or try the recently added text recognation , then you do not have to use keyboards anymore :laughing:

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Does anyone know how to jump to next textbox

Also looking for a solution for this. I would like the user to be focused or jump to the next textbox instead of adding a new line then hiding the keyboard. Any solution for this already?