How to make newlines in Share to mail on Android

I am creating a text via a text join, and sends it to an email via the share component.

On iOS, I can use \n or
to create newlines.but when choosing gmail on android, it just prints the \n in the text.

How can i achieve newlines in Gmail?.

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Hi @Claus_Holbech1! :wave:

Thunkable has a built-in block for a newline. :smile:
You can find it in blocks > text > newline


You can see it’s tutorial here -

Thanks! :blush:


Hi, i added the new line block to my code but, in the gmail app, all the text are in the same line.
help pls.

Hola. está fallando al usar gmail, si se utiliza yahoo mail, por ejemplo, funciona.
Hay alguna forma de enviar archivos adjuntos en el email??

Hola, mediante extensiones

Se pueden importar extensiones en Thunkable X?

@fjfon, Thunkable X does not support extensions at this time.

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