Save multinile Textinput

Hello Folks,

How do i get rid of the keyboard when iI put text in a multiline Textinput?
If i press Retourn key it creates a new line, also if i put retourn key to “done”


Hey @dami_flepp,
Would you be a bit specific about your project, do you wanna make a text input every time a user clicks return or enter? And also have a button with the function of saving the text-input(‘s’) value(s)?
Or do you want the enter/return key to work also as a DONE ? :thinking:

Hi @browncoatjustice52
I got a Textinput where the user puts in a long text, therefor i set it to multiline.

if you press return in a single line textinput, the keyboard disapears and you see your screen with the insert text in the textinput component. I want the same to happen to a multiline textinput, but if you press return it creates a new line insted.

Why don’t you make the height and width to fit contents…
And usually if you use return on a computer nothing actually happens the txt input outputs nothing.
If the user wants to make his text appear on a new line he/she can use the spacebar until you are at the edge of a line, then write whatever they want…
This has worked for me :cowboy_hat_face:

Still deosn’t work. :thinking:

(If got a long text and the widith is set to fit content in a single line input, you won’t see all the text. this is why I need multiline)

Ok…ok so you need to put a button with the function of saving the text, according to me there’s no propertie/component to function the return/enter button so that it does a particular task

P.S. But if you use a IDE (Except Thunkable) you can program it to do this.