Multiline Textinput return key as a newline within the TextInput


How can you make return key behave like carriage return within a multiline textinput.
Currently the textinout loses focus and the user has to click on the textinput to enter text on the second line


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It isn’t possible for the moment to do that…

Any update on this?

Still waiting for any idea how to fix this. It’s quite a big problem, as multiline is effectively useless if keyboard hides after each new line…

Agree on this, we need this option at once…
Can we get a comment?

I second this would be a nice feature.

As it does here in the forum, it would be nice for return to function as a line break and not “done” or at least to have that as an option.

Yes please need this asap. TIA

Not sure if it would help,but it worked for me, :sweat_smile:
the codes for non printable ASCII codes for non printable characters are as follows:
\t for tab
\r for carriage return
\n for line feed
\a for bell
\e for escape
\f for form feed
\v for vertical tab
\c for control character->refer below
\uFFFF or \xFFFF for inserting Unicode characters where FFFF represents its Unicode value
\0 for null
Use of Control character is as follows:
\c + any letter from A-Z in Upper Case and \c where c is in lower case.

but practically only a few of them worked for me :sweat_smile:
to see the results I used hercules(a serial viewer software) wtih a usb-ttl connected to a Bluetooth reciever hc-05
here are the attached files if you are interested:

Help_with_label.aia (2.7 KB)

after setting this → right click ->Special Characters->text mode

any further changes to this code would be appreciated.

Thank You. :grinning: