Please help Multiline textbox

I have multiline textbox on my application. When i press return key, the textbox lose the focus and keyboard get disappear how to solve this please help.


I’m seeing the same issue… and don’t know the work around.

Had this topic a few days ago, and was told it is an error - no fix available right now…sadly.

can we bring an airtable cell saved with “textinput with multiline” back to a textinput or to a label with same multiline form?

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@bymaho I tried it. and it works fine.

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@saramdl.gaunde021 How did you? I couldn’t.

revision: I solved thanks. In airtable, must be used “LONG TEXT” instead of “single line text” for field type.

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yes ‘long text’ in airtable is what i did. and thanks for the information.

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