Wrapping "text entries" in text entry

When I enter text in the application, my “text entries” are scrolling, drag and drop mode is turned off from the theme, how can I solve it?

@yigitishesabigng - are you using “multiline” set to true for your text inputs?

What do you mean by:

No, when I put “text input” on the screen, there is an image on it, when I click on the input, the screen scrolls. This is my problem, there is no group option here, I tried and couldn’t solve it, can you help?

the entries slide over the image and blend with each other, some entries are not clickable.

Can you send a screenshot or share a project link please @yigitishesabigng?

This is what the Text Inout should look like:

Are you importing a design file from Figma by any chance?

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the main view is as in the first photo

As in the second photo, the text scrolls up and merges with the photo.

I want to solve this problem, how can I do it, I was able to solve it by putting it in a group when I used drag and drop mode, but I haven’t found how to solve it here, how can I solve it here, how can I prevent the screen from getting confused.

Ah i see, you need to set your screen to scrollable. That will stop if from doing that :grinning:


thank you for your help.

I would like to ask one more thing, is there a video, article or something else that will help me make a faster and more beautiful design with drag and drop mode turned off.

after using drag and drop, it feels difficult and different here, sometimes it looks different on every phone, I wonder if there is something I can get help with.

So there are two different desginers, the drag and drop and Snap to place. The Snap to Place is the legacy platform and will be phased out at some point.

thank you for your help.

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