Text From Label Component Falls Off Screen

As the title suggests, when text from the label component fills up the screen, the rest just disappears from the page, so it can’t be read

Hi @Joe, can you share a screenshot of this behaviour please?

Do you mean the letters get clipped or all other components get pushed off the screen??

Have you tried changing the height of the Label? I think the default is set to only show one line.

Same problem Fill Container Height…

If all the text does not fit in the label (with Label.Height = Fill Container), then this label should be placed in the Column with scrolling.

Hi, i have tried this, but in scrolling option… when you scroll it down, it automatically goes up when released and also it doesn’t show up the whole text except it shows more text but not complete text.

how can i show like a page document in small label with perfectly scrolling option… can you please share the screenshot of layout setting…
thanks in advance


the scrButtons screen shows an example of scrolling text.


Does it work for you? If it works, then look at all the settings of the “colScroller” column.