Simple screen scroll not working?

I’ve got a very simple screen, isolated in a test app of its own. The screen has one label on it, with a very large chunk of text in it and a large font size so that the text runs far off the screen. The screen is marked scrollable. All other component settings are the defaults. When I go to test the app via the Thunkable Live app (Android), I cannot scroll to see all of the text.

I’ve seen posts here about a lot of trouble with scrollable columns and rows last fall, and a bug fix correcting that, but I do not have any columns or rows – I just want my screen to scroll so I can see all of the label. (I have tried adding columns and rows with no luck.) Feel like I must be missing something obvious…

Eventually got my answer via experimentation and the comments on this post: Unable to have a scrollable page . I wound up having to use a column, which I didn’t want (why even have a Scrollable property on Screen if you can’t use it because you can’t set the Screen to Fit Contents??), but at least something’s working now and I can keep my students moving.

Here’s my answer in the end:

  1. On the Screen component, set Scrollable to false
  2. Add a Column to the Screen. Put your label in the column.
  3. Set the Height of the Column to Fit Contents
  4. On the Column component, set Scrollable to true
  5. On the Label, set the Height to Absolute and give it a value.
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