Scrollable of column does not work

I’ve tried to create a column as scrollable but it does not scroll.
Would you check this issue, please?
If I add components inside the column, then it will work, but if I add rows inside the column, it won’t work as scrollable.
I think this is an issue.

Does this example with scrolling work for you?

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Yes, it works.

But I add Rows inside the column, that’s why it does not scroll. I think

It's a shame thunkable to be developing. Sometimes it leaves something to be desired.

I changed the project and added a few Rows to Column. Scrolling works.

But I agree with you that scrolling in Columns works strange. I can not say exactly how I can turn it on. It suddenly starts working.


It’s the same with me mate!

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We’ll take a look.


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I’ve noticed the same issue - I can get it to work usually by turning scroll on for the screen then turning scroll on for the column, then turning scroll off for the screen

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Any fix for this - it works on some of my screens not on others - so maybe it is a setting I have wrong? but I’m mimicking the screen that is working

That is still on our issues list.


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Hello @Mark
What about the label HTML. When will you add it to Thunkable Cross?
Would you tell me if it will be the same as Android classic, I mean the codes such as (< br >) for a new line?
If it is the same, then I can work on my lots of texts till you add label html to Thunkable Cross.
Please, I want an answer.
My regards!

So is this issue fixed now? I bet no… i have same issue

Hey @DevilLooper

By “this issue” do you mean making layouts scrollable? This property is available and should be working.

Can you tell us a little more about what’s happening?

It solved. thanks for your support

Thanks for updating us @DevilLooper,

Can you let us know what the solution was, to help out the next person?

Fucos on column sizing if the screen is scrollable is true, then try not to use fill parent instead fit content

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Scrollable still not working properly if used “fill parent” for container

I THINK I’ve identified an issue with scrollable columns. Using the App below, you can see that when usin g “LIVE TEST” (web) if the column height is set to “Fill container” the top of the list is not visible. But wen using Thunkable live on android, the scrollable column works correctly. But if the column height is set to “Fill contents”, the scrolling works correctly in LIVE TEST (web), but the Thunkable Live App on Android does not scroll.

The work around I used is to change the column height setting based on the device.

If this is not fixable by Thunkable. at least a update to the documentation which still reads
For scrollable to work, you must also set your screen height to fit contents

Interestingly, you will notice that the values I use for setting the height (fill contents) is NOT what the Designer shows, but it works…Feels like some typos in the source code. :frowning:

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