How to use scrollable column and row

There is a bug in the column and row ,I am not able to make it scrollable.Thunkable X please fix this issue before July, I’m thinking to make something before July.And also if someone has the solution please tell me and if someone is facing the same problem then please write down. Thanks.

scrButtons & scrScrollHorz & scrCustomDrawer

Hi there, scrollable column please remember set the fit height of the column. The scrollable row isn’t exist yet. But, It can solve it intellectually.
Scrollable Row by ( someone )

Did you follow the guide in the documentation?

I don’t know for rows, but for columns it works.

Enable scrolling

Property Description
Scrollable Default ( false ). Indicates whether the column is scrollable. For scrollable to work, you must also set your screen height to fit contents and the components in your column must have heights set in absolute pixels