Unable to scroll Row or Column

Hello, I’ve been trying to make a row scrollable in order to access 5 or 6 buttons just by scrolling but the scrolling feature is just not working, how should I do ? Thanks


Scrolling in Row does not work. Simplify the interface so that it does not require such scrolling.

Hey, I tried to change it to make a scrolling column, doesn’t work either, there is a big blank space appearing under my components and they won’t place where I want :confused:

you can be use the another layout for the button its not working

Even the scrolling column doesn’t work ?

I’m working in Thunkable X, but thanks anyway tho

try to change the button size

I did try absolute / relative sizes but nothing changes I still can’t scroll or I get a huge blank space under the buttons and I can’t place the column where I want…

use a arrangement for the screen upward to buttons

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Not working as well, let me try again

can you will be give your app aia

This project with a scrolling column works for you?


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Yes it does, but the problem is that I want the list not be as huge (height) as yours I want it reduced and when I reduce the height I still get a very wide blank space.
Thanks for helping.


But here you used a list viewer right ? Can I add my buttons to the list or no ?


Under the scrolling column, place the fixed column. Then the scrolling will be clamped from above and below, so you can reduce its vertical size.