Cannot Scroll Up or Down

I add 15 Buttons in a screen. But I cannot scroll all button. I saw in preview .There showing some button less from up and less from down. I took live test also same problem showing. Now how can i scrolling my screen? HELP ME PLEASE. I attach my app screenshot.

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Add a column and make it scrollable than add all buttons to the column. This should do the trick :grin:


Are you using the beta drag and drop or the production non-drag and drop?

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Good question @drted, the drag and drop UI does not have rows and columns. :+1:

I already make it scrollable. But same problem until now.

[Screenshot_2 |690x446(upload://pu8etaZsfVCUYxK3gGyshuit0b8.png)

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I am using

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Also play with column hight property and switch between Fit content or Fill container and see the difference.

@drted has made an important note for this case which you can read in this

[Solved] "Screen= Scrollable" & "Column=Scrollable" Is Not Working - #17 by drted

Yes Sir, I put height Fit Contents. Screenshot_3

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As you see in the post that Thunkable responds differently in the web and in the app companion. So you need to check both settings.

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Sir, I check with live test on my android. I watch same problem on android also.

Hi, may be this project can solve your problem:

Just you have to replace labels by buttons


Yeah, this is happening also in my case.

When I scrolling, I see in your project also showing some less number from starting. My problem also same. I want to scroll from button number 1 to button 20. But there showing some less button.

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(Solved) I make Colum (Scrollable-True) height as “Fit Contents” and Width as “Fill Container”. Now, ok. Thank You Everybody


Then mark as solved.

I mark solution. Is it?

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