Help with layout?

I’m new to Thunkable, and trying to make a scrolling group of buttons. Here’s my test layout:

I’d like to keep that top button (the “stop” button) and the white “Now Playing” text at botom visible at all times, and the panel with the blue buttons should be scrollable. I don’t imagine anyone has any tips?

Here’s a screenshot:

Having trouble dragging a “STOP” button down?

Try dragging it by pressing the Alt key or drag it in the component tree under Column1

I’m having trouble scrolling all those blue buttons in the middle. In that screenshot you can see up to button 14, but I’d like to have (for example) 20 buttons, the same size as the ones visible there, that scroll.

Set Vertical Alignment = top for Column1

the problem was that screen 1 was scrolling, so everything on screen scrolled! is solved!

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@actech, that didn’t work for me, including running your version directly.

To be clear, I want the STOP and “nowplaying” assets to remain in place, while scrolling the buttons up/down. In your sample nothing is scrolling for me at all.

And note that I’m not talking about the authoring environment, I’m talking about in the compiled app.

Aha, thank you!

So to confirm, the changes you made:

  • make my screen not scrollable
  • set my column to scrollable
  • set the height of my column to “fit contents”

I notice you put the STOP button into a row. Is that necessary too? Or just general good practice?

And one problem I’m having now is that I can’t see the top buttons in the editing interface. Do you have that issue too? And any idea how to fix it?

yes just general good practice.
the button is there. in your block have: when click butao stop set text to? and the text block is empty. did i understand myself?

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