Make a button that can stay on the right-bottom corner that is on top of the scrolling page


I am new to Thunkable, and still need some time to understand how the builder works.
However, I hope someone can help me out here because I am a little bit lost.

I am creating a page that contains a Data Viewer List, and I also enable the scrollable option for this page. Now, I want to put a button near the right-bottom for the user to add new items to the list. But, it seems if I put the button above the list in the hierarchy list, the button will push the list below. And if I put it lower than the list in the hierarchy list, then the button is not showing at the screen.
How would I solve this?


the concept is pretty simple once you try it a few time. place a column on the screen. that becomes your screen now. make the screen not scrollable. make the column scrollable. add any screen content to the column.

now add a row, above the column in the component tree. make the row height 8px. st the row positioning to absolute. position the row where you want it. then add a button.

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Thanks for your quick reply and demonstrate!
I think this is what I am looking for.

I really appreciate this.

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